Total Tons of CO2 Produced =
Flight Miles Traveled * Flight Emissions Factor * Radiative Forcing Index (RFI)

Flight Miles Traveled
We calculate the distance between the ‘from’ and ‘to’ locations to determine miles traveled. Or, if you entered an ‘actual mileage’, we use that number.

Flight Emissions Factor
Depending on whether your travel segments fit into the short, medium or long haul category (i.e., the length of your flight), we apply a CO2 emissions factor of 0.64, 0.44 or 0.40 lbs of CO2 per passenger mile, respectively. This gives us the direct CO2 emissions from your flight. [These factors are from the GHG Protocol Commuting Emissions Tool v 1.2]

Radiative Forcing Index (RFI)
We apply an RFI of 2.0 to the direct CO2 emissions from air travel, resulting in total CO2 equivalent emission factors of 1.28, 0.88 or 0.8 for short, medium and long haul flight segments, respectively. By doubling the direct CO2 emissions, our goal is to account for the overall global warming impact of air travel for all air emissions. [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)1999].

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