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NativeEnergy Provides Carbon Offsets and Renewable Power for the Sustainable Brands Conference

Posted by: Sandra Markowitz - Intern

This month, the Sustainable Brands 2013 conference brought together more than 2000 attendees from around the world at the intersection of branding and sustainability.

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Is Your Food Rich In C02?

Posted by: Tom Rawls

Michael Pollan, the author known for his thoughtful and lively writing on food, has a new book out, Cooked. Apparently we need to change the way we cook if we want to survive. Said differently, we need to cook for ourselves and not have others do it for us.

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Will Marketing Save the World?

Posted by: Tom Rawls


In an interview in the guardian, a British newspaper, one of the co-founders of Method, an innovative manufacturer of sustainable cleaning products, says that it is marketers who are going to stop climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

Eric Ryan, who co-founded Method a dozen years ago and recently sold the company to the Ecover, a like-mind Dutch company, is quoted as saying you cannot count on governments to solve environmental problems.

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Using the TRT to Reduce Emissions and Save Money

Posted by: Joe Tyson

Every spring, we help our Tracking and Reporting Tool (TRT) clients wrap up their annual emissions assessments. It’s a busy couple weeks of gathering final utility bills and double-checking previously entered data. It is also an exciting time for our team who works on the TRT and for our clients’ sustainability teams who have been tracking results throughout the year.

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Sustainable Seafood: 4 tips for choosing an ocean-friendly catch

Posted by: Meg Stout

As warm weather rolls around, you may be daydreaming about lobster bakes, grilled salmon, and long days on the beach. But do you know if the seafood on your plate is sustainable?

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