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World Water Week just passed. Did you notice?

Posted by: Tom Rawls

Today, 780 million individuals still live without access to clean and safe water sources. Two and a half billion people lack access to improved sanitation facilities. One billion people defecate in the open.  Is that too much information?

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From the President: The Case For Supply Chain Sustainability Investments

Posted by: Jeff Bernicke

Recently members of NativeEnergy’s leadership team were in Berkeley, CA to convene a gathering of thought leaders from various organizations around a broad range of sustainability topics.  The event was a working session attended by food and beverage companies, retailers, consumer goods manufacturers and others.  The goal wasn’t to tout the successes of various sustainability programs.  Rather, the group came together to discuss their aspirations around sustainability, gaps in existing initiatives, and barriers that are preventing businesses from achieving their goals.  As we dove into the discussion, it was clear that while each segment has its own unique set of concerns, some issues are universal.

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"Google" Google Green

Posted by: Tom Rawls

You might be surprised

Today a staff member at a major sustainability not-for-profit organization asked me what was happening in the voluntary carbon offset market.  One answer may be found in the recent report entitled State of the Voluntary Carbon Offset Market 2013.

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“Your actions affect me”

Posted by: Cailin Sullivan

When I returned from the library last Sunday night, a debate was raging, per usual, in the living room of my tiny house on the edge of campus. Adam, our hard-headed econ major, had his iPhone out and was furiously fact-checking as he gesticulated at Jared, a sociology major. The topic wasn’t the merit of a Skyfall or the don’t-go-to-law-school argument that occurs weekly as we get closer to graduation—it was global warming. “I just think this is the defining problem of our generation, and we’re messing it up,” sighed Jared. Adam rolled his eyes. “Well, obviously. I’ll agree with you on that point.”

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Coming to grips with climate change

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team

"Ours is a world in which a flood in Thailand can cut off global supplies of computer disk drives for the better part of a year; where a record-low Mississippi River can choke the flow of commerce; where an unprecedented hurricane (or “superstorm”) can upend one of the world’s financial centers for weeks. In that context, how should a company view climate change, renewable energy, and resource efficiency?"

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