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Designtex Helps Fund Reforestation Project: Apple orchard to support urban food shelves

April 22, 2014 – Burlington, VT – On this Earth Day, NativeEnergy is celebrating funding from Designtex for the Oka Trees of Hope Reforestation Project. One of its newest Help Build™ projects, Oka Trees for Hope aims to restore up to 300 acres of degraded land to a mixture of biodiversity-rich forest and fruit orchards. Reforestation creates biodiversity, enhances wildlife habitat, improves air and water quality, provides soil filtration, controls erosion, and prevents heat islands. NativeEnergy’s Help Build™ carbon offset project approach provides essential early funding to projects with uncommon social and environmental benefits.

Designtex is a recognized innovator in the research and development of textiles, wallcoverings, and digitally imaged materials with reduced environmental impact. This month marks its fifth year in a row of operating as a carbon-neutral company.

To mitigate its emissions this year, Designtex is helping to fund the Oka Trees of Hope Reforestation project, situated near the Oka National Park in Greater Montreal, Quebec. Planting, scheduled to begin this spring, will include a mix of native species to recreate the natural habitat, as well as a 10-acre orchard of apple trees. The Quebec Apple Cooperative will provide technical support for operations of the orchard, and the fruit—a goal of nearly 10,000 20-pound bags per year—will be donated to local schools and food banks in the greater Montreal region.

Deidre Hoguet, Designtex Director of Sustainability and Material Exploration, says, “Designtex sees global warming as one of the most pressing concerns facing businesses and individuals. This year we are happy to support an innovative reforestation project that will add carbon storage to our planet, while simultaneously increasing wildlife habitat and providing fresh produce to local food pantries and schools.”

Overall, it is projected that the Oka Reforestation project will generate total carbon offsets of 40,000 metric tons over the next 50 years.

Read more about the Oka Trees of Hope Reforestation Project here:

You can offset your household footprint and support Oka Trees of Hope here:

About Designtex
Designtex is the leading company in the development, design, and manufacturing of applied materials for the built environment. Designtex is a recognized innovator in the research and development of textiles, wallcoverings, and digitally imaged materials with reduced environmental impact. A Steelcase company, Designtex is headquartered in New York City with over 100 sales offices around the world. For more information call 800 221 1540 or visit

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Founded in Vermont in 2000, NativeEnergy is an expert provider of carbon offsetsrenewable energy credits, and carbon accounting software. Through our Help Build™ carbon offsets, businesses and individuals can help finance the construction of wind and other carbon reducing projects with strong social and environmental benefits. We have provided essential funding to more than 50 community-based initiatives. The Shenandoah School Wind Project is the seventh Indiana community wind project to which NativeEnergy’s Help BuildTM program has provided upfront funding.