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Ditch your old skis, get $50

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Aug 11, 2011
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Attention Snow Lovers: RAMP, a new ski and snowboard company, is offering a buy-back program for old equipment. If you mail them your skis or snowboards—whether they are still usable or completely ruined—they’ll give you $50 in store credit.

Instead of sending your unwanted stuff to landfills, where it can last for any number of years, RAMP will put it to use. If the skis and boards are in decent condition, they’ll be donated to a youth sports program. If they’re in rough shape, they’ll be turned into chairs and sold—with proceeds used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through NativeEnergy carbon offsets. And if your equipment is in really rough shape, RAMP will recycle it, ensuring that the components will be reused.

To participate, call RAMP customer service at 888-406-0567 or email They just started collecting items this past winter, and they’re excited for the program to grow.

Of course, RAMP’s eco-endeavors don’t end there. The company has replaced its disposable cardboard shipping boxes with reusable, padded ski or snowboard bags (worth $100, but free for customers). RAMP also buys roughly 300 pounds of NativeEnergy carbon offsets for every new purchase, which helps counteract their operations emissions. And, in collaboration with Reverb, RAMP is helping Guster and Maroon 5 implement environmental initiatives on their summer tours.

Why so much focus on the environment? Michael Kilchenstein, RAMP’s president, said, “We are building our brand around this culture of doing things the right way.”

Check out their stuff at

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