Your Climate Solutions Expert: carbon offsets, renewable energy credits, and carbon tracking services

"While reducing our CO2 footprint is one means
by which we further our business mission, working with NativeEnergy provides a unique opportunity to further others at the same time – working with and giving back to communities that are at economic
and social risk, helping
to create fundamental social change."

Andrea Asch
Manager of Natural Resource Use
Ben & Jerry's

"Global warming is one
of the most significant problems facing our
planet, and Participant believes that everyone—corporations, individuals and governments—has a role to play. Making our films climate neutral is
an example of something we can do to reduce our impact on the planet, leading the way to
positive change."

Participant Media

"We did extensive
research to find the best carbon offset partner we could. NativeEnergy's commitment to projects that provide both verifiable CO2 reductions and sustainable economic benefits for communities
in need was compelling."

Allen Singleton
Chief Operating Officer

“Working with
NativeEnergy has been critical to the success of our sustainability program at Clif Bar... We have won three national awards for our environmental efforts, all of which mention our purchase of wind power and commitment to fight global warming as the reason for our selection
as winners.”

Elysa Hammond
Clif Bar, Inc.

“We have made a conscious decision to buy forward stream offsets because our purchase helps to build new projects that need up-front funding to be built. This ensures that our purchases make
a difference by enabling new project construction.”

Green Mountain
Coffee Roasters

2010 CSR Report

“The best carbon
offset companies, like NativeEnergy, are investing in new renewable energy projects. We’re focused on doing our part to reduce our actual carbon emissions but we’re also investing
in changing the energy infrastructure through offsets so that we can
help add more renewable energy to the grid.”

Kim Coupounas
Chief Environmental Officer

“We’ve once again
chosen to partner with NativeEnergy not simply because they provide our organization with high quality carbon offsets, but because they connect us
to a project that we admire. Working with them, it is possible for us to make
a genuine difference.”

Tom Johnson
The Heritage Store

"We are excited
to be part of such
a unique partnership
to support renewable
energy and reduce
our ecological footprint
on the planet.”

Gary Erickson
Owner and CEO
Clif Bar, Inc.

Services We Offer

Since 2000, NativeEnergy has helped leaders in corporate social responsibility reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and build strong, sustainable brands. 

With our comprehensive carbon management services, you can track, report, and reduce your carbon emissions while supporting communities in need.

We take carbon offsets beyond the expected—every NativeEnergy Help Build™ carbon project has a unique story. Our clients have brought wind farms to schools, methane digesters to family farms, and renewable energy to Native American tribes. By funding new projects with our Help Build™ carbon offsets, your business will benefit the environment and local communities in an unparalleled way.

Using our market expertise, we can also customize a portfolio to meet your specific requirements with cost-competitive carbon offsets and renewable energy credits from around the world.

Help Build™ Carbon Offsets

Help Build™ Carbon Offsets

Reduce your business’s greenhouse gas emissions
by helping build projects that benefit local communities.

Other Carbon Offsets

Other Carbon Offsets

Address your greenhouse gas emissions with verified carbon offsets from the U.S. and around the world.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

Power your business or LEED building with green energy.

Carbon Software

Carbon Software

Calculate and track your emissions with software that complies with the leading greenhouse gas protocols.

All NativeEnergy carbon offsets are subjected to third-party verification to the internationally recognized standards, and all renewable energy credits are Green-e certified.

To discuss how we can help you meet your goals, contact Kevin Hackett at
or 800-924-6826 x209.


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