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NativeEnergy Bike-to-Work Challenge

Posted by Kevin Hackett on Aug 25, 2009
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An internal contest fuels healthy competition

In an effort to reduce the amount of driving we do, stay in shape for our corporate ski race league, and spur some healthy competition, the NativeEnergy sales and marketing team challenged the project development/supply team to see who could log the most bicycle commuting miles this summer. The competition formally started on July 6. Since that time, the two teams have logged over 1,000 miles. For those of you doing the math, that means we have avoided the use of about 50 gallons of gasoline. Not bad so far, considering it rained for most of July. We plan on keeping the mileage counters going until the snow flies and it gets too cold to ride. One of the heartier participants in this challenge has even stated that he plans to ride throughout the winter. I will let you know how that goes.

I am guessing that there are a few of you out there, who like me just want to know who is winning the challenge. As of today, the teams are pretty much neck and neck in total miles ridden. Currently the supply team has a slight lead, having ridden 531 miles, while sales and marketing has ridden 503 miles. If you want to get into the details, the only reason the sales and marketing team is trailing is that our team members happen to live closer to the office. We were briefly concerned about being penalized for living closer to the office and having fewer miles available to ride, but it looks as though we are going win anyway. The supply team, a.k.a. “Team Flat Tire,” can’t seem to keep its momentum going.

I will keep you posted on how the challenge goes. By the way, how many miles have you biked this summer?

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