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Beyond the call of duty

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Mar 03, 2010
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NativeEnergy receives lots of emails every day. We get emails from our clients, project developers, media contacts, the general public, and more. One email that recently rose to the top of the stack was from Major Mindy Kimball. Maj. Kimball is in the U.S. Army, and she is also a volunteer with the Climate Project, a public awareness initiative launched several years ago by former Vice President Al Gore. She recently returned home from a one-year tour in Iraq. 

It is largely understood that the pressures on a soldier while serving overseas are immense. While Maj. Kimball was stationed in Iraq, she became concerned with an issue unrelated to combat and personal safety: the effects her travel and the shipments she sent and received were having on the environment. Maj. Kimball decided to keep a log of all of her travel getting to and from her home to her post in Iraq so that she could offset the emissions when she was posted back in the U.S. Her total travel exceeded 30,000 miles. Also, she kept track of all of the packages that she sent to and received from her family and friends back home. Even though she asked that they send her only what was essential and not a “bunch of junk and junk food,” she still received more than 800 pounds of stuff through the mail. 

In her email, Maj. Kimball asked how many tons of CO2 went into the atmosphere as a result of her travel and shipping. Here at NativeEnergy, we were just about dumbstruck by Mindy’s unselfish thinking. NativeEnergy is happy to provide the estimated 22 tons of CO2 offsets to balance out the emissions from her travel and shipping.

Although we all have different viewpoints on global politics and the war in Iraq, I think we can all agree that Maj. Kimball’s consideration for the environment is truly exemplary.  

From all of us at NativeEnergy,
Thank you.

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