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Greensburg performance is exceeding expectations

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Sep 29, 2010
Tags: greensburg wind farm, carbon projects, wind energy

We are excited to announce that the Greensburg Wind Farm is performing even better than expected! In the five months since it went online, it has operated at approximately 19% above the forecasted amount— equivalent to an extra 2,900 short tons of CO2 reductions. While this extra performance doesn’t guarantee future results, we are pleased by the encouraging numbers. 

Because of the way we have structured the buffer for the Greensburg project—a set aside of tons to protect against a production shortfall—these extra carbon reductions are essentially donated to the planet, thanks to all our customers who bought offsets from Greensburg.

The Greensburg Wind Farm, located in Greensburg, Kansas, was built in 2010 after the town suffered an EF-5 tornado that destroyed 95% of the municipality. Eleven of the town’s 1,400 residents died in the disaster. In their communal search for meaning in the days that followed this catastrophe, the people of Greensburg individually and collectively agreed to rebuild as “the greenest town in America.” NativeEnergy’s carbon offset revenues provided critical upfront funding that enabled construction of the project. For more information, visit the Greensburg Wind Farm project page.

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