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“It’s not about the bike”

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on May 12, 2011
Tags: climate change news

Lance Armstrong’s famous words apply to an event this weekend: Climate Ride NY-DC. Starting Friday, May 13th, over a hundred people will bike 300 miles—from New York City to Washington, DC—to raise awareness about climate change and our energy future.

Two of our friends at Eileen Fisher, Shona Quinn and Amy Hall, will participate in this spin-tacular event. According to Shona, the biggest challenge won’t be the grueling miles or the finicky weather. Instead, it’s the greater mission—one that the cyclists will discuss with representatives from Congress.

“We need to find a way to move policy forward,” Shona explained, referring to the importance of federal energy and climate legislation.

Legislation or not, Shona and her team will certainly be moving tomorrow. Their trip will begin in Manhattan, where they will take a ferry across the Hudson River into New Jersey. From there, they’ll cycle to central Jersey. The subsequent days will take them through Amish Country and various parts of Maryland. Their arrival in Washington will be met with a rally and speeches from various luminaries, including Bill McKibben.

We applaud the mission of Climate Ride and wish everyone an enjoyable—and highly effective—trip. After all, it’s not about the bikes.

Follow Shona’s progress on Twitter: @Shona_Quinn.

How You Can Help
You can support Climate Ride by donating online at Type in “Eileen Fisher” to contribute to a person on the team.

Event Beneficiaries
Proceeds from Climate Ride NY-DC support environmental nonprofits, including, Transportation Alternatives, WABA,, Green America, Rails-to-Trails, 1% for the Planet, and the San Francisco Bicycle Association.

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