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Keep Our Winters Cool with Olympian Hannah Kearney

Posted by Tiffany Shaw on Jan 23, 2014
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We have an Olympic gold medalist on our team! Winner of the 2010 gold medal in moguls, Hannah Kearney has joined the fight to keep our winters cool by offsetting all her training travel emissions with us.

From the Andes to the Alps, Hannah Kearney has traveled thousands of miles training to defend her place on the podium in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi on February 8. While glaciers melt under the pressure of greenhouse gas emissions, Kearney is determined to reduce her part in climate change by offsetting all Olympic training travel training with us.

“I am committed to respecting and preserving our environment,” Kearney explains. “Air travel is unavoidable for my training and every time I step on a plane, I know I have at least offset those emissions with a good greenhouse gas reduction project from NativeEnergy.”

Kearney’s travel to Sochi, along with all her training miles, is offset through our Help Build™ project in Ghana, which provides household water filters to families who might otherwise boil firewood to sanitize drinking water. The elimination or avoidance of burning firewood to boil water for sanitation results in greenhouse gas reductions, creating Gold Standard certified carbon offsets.

With NativeEnergy’s Help Build™ offsets, businesses and individuals can help finance the construction of wind, biogas, solar, and other carbon reduction projects with strong social and environmental benefits. Offsets are currently available for the Ghana Clean Water Project.

Offset your household or travel footprint today:

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