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NativeEnergy in Antarctica!

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Jan 11, 2010
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Our very own climate solutions advisor, Adam Scherr, recently had the unique opportunity to join the International Antarctic Treaty Expedition (IATE). He went with 2041, an environmental leadership organization founded by Robert Swan, the first man in history to walk to each Pole, who led a group of 47 participants to ”nature’s last wilderness” on November 13, 2009. The Antarctic Treaty was signed exactly 50 years ago this past December, and this expedition served as a commemoration of the ‘Antarctic Treaty,’ and achievements including protection of this pristine continent for peace and science. “Our leaders must use the Antarctic Treaty as an example as one of the great success stories in the past century: nations working together for the common goal of protecting our planet,” stated Swan. We asked Adam to tell us about the trip:

For fourteen days, our group sailed, trekked, camped, explored, photographed, and engaged in conversations about the environment and the climate crisis with one of the most inspirational leaders of this cause. Swan invited an active group of young people from a range of backgrounds including business leaders, non-profit leaders, students, and teachers. Each morning, following a deep sleep, we were awakened to the following words: “Team Inspire! Team Inspire! Team Inspire!” 

Our surroundings were certainly inspiring. In order to avoid contact with floating glaciers, we almost never anchored at night, providing a new view upon every awakening – one morning, a flat and white landscape, dotted with penguins; the next, 3,000-foot cold gray and brown mountain ranges with sightings of humpback whales and orcas. Antarctica, sometimes called The Great White Planet and Earth’s only continent without a native human population, has been dramatically affected by an increase in surface temperature of 3 degrees Celsius. The warmth is rapidly degrading the Antarctic Peninsula and the habitat for krill – the principal food supply for almost all aquatic life in the area. Climate change is threatening the vitality of the entire South Atlantic Ocean.

Our group’s mission was to focus on specific climate solutions necessary for the preservation of our planet.

My role: be an on-site resource regarding the carbon footprint of the trip and individual group members. I was the group’s sounding board for matters concerning carbon footprints, and I lead breakout group discussions about bringing carbon solutions back home. What struck me most profoundly was that these solutions would be delivered from our little expedition to The Great White Planet to communities in Vietnam, Australia, Columbia, India, United States, China, and England.

“Team Inspire! Team Inspire! Team Inspire!” The words reminded us every morning of our humble and yet extraordinary involvement in the fight against global warming. Awareness and education are both our biggest hurdles as well as our greatest tools. Weeks later, I recall waking up in the depths of the glaciers to that wake up call, and know why I was there – I am part of Team Inspire. And so are you.

NativeEnergy and 2041 will continue to work together to develop and implement strategic climate solutions.

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