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NativeEnergy Provides Carbon Offsets and Renewable Power for the Sustainable Brands Conference

Posted by Sandra Markowitz - Intern on Jun 28, 2013
Tags: events & sponsorships

This month, the Sustainable Brands 2013 conference brought together more than 2000 attendees from around the world at the intersection of branding and sustainability. 

For the third year in a row, NativeEnergy provided offsets to “neutralize” the event, using both our signature Help Build™ carbon offsets and other verified offsets. We offset the greenhouse gas pollution from the venue and from the travel and hotel stays of conference attendees. In addition, we ensured that the conference was 100% renewably powered and qualified for WindMade™.

Kevin Hackett, our Director of Sales and Marketing, attended the conference, participating on a panel that discussed how companies are integrating RECs and offsets into their sustainability programs. He presented with Carol Derby, Vice President of R&D of Designtex. We have worked together with Designtex since 2010, helping to fund projects such as the Wewoka Landfill Gas Project in Oklahoma and the Indiana School Wind Project. 

“It was great to be able to collaborate with Carol on our presentation,” Kevin said of the panel. “Together we were painted a broad picture of how Designtex uses NativeEnergy’s Help Build™ offsets and Green-e RECs to complement their impressive sustainability efforts.”

Designtex has been making advances in their sustainability program for years, and has been carbon neutral since 2010 through participation in our carbon offset programs.

From big names like Coca-Cola Company to startups like Back to the Roots (an organization with kid-friendly grow-your-own-food projects), the conference displayed a diversity of companies, each with a unique sustainability program. These programs were in a variety of stages; sustainable giants such as Stonyfield and Interface attended the conference to share knowledge accumulated over decades, while other companies were just starting their sustainable journey and looking for ways to grow and market their programs. So many businesses showing so much interest in sustainability is a promising sign for the future.

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