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NativeEnergy website finalist in Siterank Environmental Awards

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Jul 01, 2010
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The NativeEnergy website has been chosen as a finalist in the environmental section of’s Siterank awards. Siterank recognizes distinguished websites that have made a vital contribution to an environmental field by providing unique and engaging content and relevant and factual information. Each of the websites chosen by Siterank is considered to have raised standards of customer service to an exceptional level by providing individuals with the guidance, expertise, and initiative to do right by the environmental sector. 

NativeEnergy joins the company of the National Audubon Society, the Earth Watch Institute, and the Sierra Club, among others, in receiving this recognition. Selection criteria are based on a number of components including authority within each industry, quality of content, range of products and services, and depth of user engagement. 

In the view of the Siterank judges, the NativeEnergy website makes a concerted effort to address all criteria by providing individuals and businesses with multiple strategies to engage in innovative climate solutions. Additionally, the NativeEnergy website provides pertinent knowledge on the global warming issue, clarifies how carbon offsets and renewable energy credits work, and details the various national and international projects financed by NativeEnergy, its business partners, and individuals. 

 NativeEnergy is proud to be recognized as a finalist for Siterank’s environmental award. We continue to look for ways to provide website users with engaging and helpful content.

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