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electric cars

3 electric car myths that will leave you out in the cold

Posted by: The NativeEnergy Team
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Even though the first electric vehicle (EV) was built in the 1830s, in the minds of many Americans, modern electric cars are nearly as fantastical as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. While we cheer the upcoming releases of the Nissan LEAF and other consumer-focused EVs, a lot of us still have questions about the practicality of all-electric cars. For those of us who live in the North, we can’t help but wonder: How do electric cars perform in cold weather?

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Top 5.1 things you don’t know about the electric car (but should)

Posted by: Esurance
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With the Nissan LEAF making its market debut this year, the Ford Focus EV due out in late 2011, and BMW working on a small electric car that could launch in 2012, it seems that the era of the electric vehicle (EV) is finally upon us. But with so much hype and hoopla circulating, many of us could barely fill a thimble with what we actually know about EVs. With that in mind, we compiled this list. It’s by no means a comprehensive overview, just the top 5.1 most important things to know about the long-awaited and highly-touted electric car.

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