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Renewable energy activist visits Ft. Peck Indian Reservation schools

Posted by: Jonny Bearcub Stiffarm
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Recently, NativeEnergy’s Jonny BearCub hosted a pair of unique characters in her home: renewable energy advocates Tom Weiss, president of Climate Crisis Solutions, and his friend Dr. Harvard Ayers.

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Jonny elected to the Assiniboine Council

Posted by: Jonny Bearcub Stiffarm
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Two years ago, I moved the NativeEnergy Central office from Denver to the Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Indian Reservation in northeastern Montana. After living in a city for over 20 years, moving back home was challenging and exciting. It was also a journey in discovering how much my home and community has changed—and yet in many ways remained the same—over the years.

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Jonny Bearcub Stiffarm: Moving home

Posted by: Jonny Bearcub Stiffarm

May 18th, 2009 - 1:35 pm MST : A one way trip of 948 miles kicks off a new chapter in my life. My younger brother, Vince, and I pulled up in front of my old house with a fully packed rental truck. My younger sister, Gaynell, and a few of my nephews are waiting with a cooler full of cold drinks. They would take out three pickup loads of junk and trash from inside the old house and move my things into a cleared out room I would use for storage for the next year. 

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