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Cold weather preparation

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Sep 29, 2009
Tags: green tips

Winter is right around the corner here in NativeEnergy’s home office in Vermont. With leaves turning bright shades of yellow, orange, and red, every skier’s face lights up in anticipation of that first snowflake. All of the outdoor fun aside, winter can put strain on homeowner’s budgets. So if you are one of the brave individuals that continues to reside in states where the cold settles in for four or more months each year, continue reading.

Here are some measures you can take to save money this winter:

  • Keep your curtains open during the day to capture the sun's energy and close them at night to help retain the heat. Consider purchasing insulated or thermal curtains for an even greater benefit.
  • Lower your thermostat. There is a 3% reduction in heating costs for every degree you lower your thermostat.
  • Seal around doors and windows with caulking or weather stripping to keep warm air from leaking out of your house.
  • Check the outside of your house for any holes where cold air could get in and warm air could get out, and then seal them properly.
  • If there is an unused room in your home, close the door to reduce the overall space heated.
  • Convert to a new high efficiency furnace - it can save some homeowners 40% on their fuel bill.
  • Check for government grants, rebates, and tax credits for energy-related improvements. Both Canada and the United States have programs for consumers.
  • Make sure all vents and radiators inside and out are free and clear of obstructions, which can impede the flow of heat.

Winter will be here sooner than you know it. Make sure your home is ready!

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