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Coming to grips with climate change

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Mar 19, 2013
Tags: corporate social responsibility

“Ours is a world in which a flood in Thailand can cut off global supplies of computer disk drives for the better part of a year; where a record-low Mississippi River can choke the flow of commerce; where an unprecedented hurricane (or “superstorm”) can upend one of the world’s financial centers for weeks.

"In that context, how should a company view climate change, renewable energy, and resource efficiency? How should its shareholders view risk and resilience as it relates to the surety of their investments? And how should communities assess the responsibility of companies within their regions, in terms of the fair appropriation of local resources when they become scarce?”

This from Joel Makower as he announced the publication of GreenBiz's 2013 State of Green Business Report. The report, according to Makower, “...tells a story of the shifting business reality—a world slowly coming to grips with a changing climate, economic volatility, and great risks to business as usual.”

It is no longer fashionable to say “fight global warming”—NativeEnergy no longer talks that way. It is, however, increasingly obvious that we have to come to grips with climate change. Drought and storms are the most obvious manifestations. The “new normal,” as the Aspen Environment Institute called it, still feels abnormal, wrong even.

Whether you are a business or an individual, you have to ask: What new risks do I now face? How must I adapt? And what am I prepared to do to counter the underlying causes of the disruptive changes in climate?

>> Download the 2013 State of Green Business Report

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