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Earth Day Giveaway: Signed copies of Business Lessons From A Radical Industrialist

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Apr 18, 2011
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In honor of Earth Day, we will give away two signed copies of Ray Anderson’s book, Business Lessons from a Radical Industrialist. To win, simply email your name to by 5pm on Earth Day, April 22nd. We will do a prize drawing shortly thereafter.

Ray Anderson is the founder and chairman of Interface, Inc., one of the foremost leaders in corporate social responsibility (and one of our long-term clients). In his book, he details how he “doubled earnings, won new customers, inspired employees, and created innovation with one simple idea: take nothing from the earth that cannot be replaced by the earth.”

About the Book
In 1994, Ray was 60 years old and at the top of his game as founder and CEO of Atlanta-based Interface, Inc., a modular carpet company that makes those clever carpet tiles that you may have underfoot in your office or coveted for your own house via the company’s residential brand, FLOR.

That was 17 years ago - before 'green' was the compelling business imperative that it is today(for reference, oil was then $18/bbl), and frankly, the environment was nowhere on Ray's radar. An Interface associate asked Ray to give a speech to a task force that was forming to answer customer concerns about environmental impacts of carpeting, and though he had not a clue what he would say, he accepted. As the date for the speech grew closer, he began to sweat—and then Paul Hawken's book, The Ecology of Commerce, landed on his desk. The rest is green business history. Ray read the book (he's called it a 'spear in the chest' epiphany), his outlook was radically transformed, and he gave a speech that would put the petroleum-dependent carpet company on a path to zero environmental footprint.

What's happened in the intervening years has made Interface the poster child for green business, and Ray has become a bit of an eco rock star. He ditched his gas-guzzling Jaguar in favor of a Prius, built an off-the-grid home, and today, at 76, his life is radically different from what he would have imagined for himself at age 60.

From the new prologue:

“As we begin the next leg of our journey… one thing is ever more clear to me. If we capitalists intend to go on, if we aspire to thrive in a carbon-constrained world and to put down multiple threats—global climate disruption, species extinction, resource depletion, and environmental degradation—we need a new way, a better way, of thinking and acting.”


So if you want to win a signed copy, send your name to

Happy “Earth Week”!

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