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Give the gift of clean air and water

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Dec 06, 2012
Tags: carbon projects, kenya clean water project

Many of us take clean water for granted. But in rural Kenya, waterborne illness can be both common and life-threatening.

Our new carbon offset partnership with Triple Quest gives water filters and training in their use to families in need. By purchasing NativeEnergy carbon offsets from the Kenya Clean Water Project, you will help fund this dynamic program.

Hydraid® filters—which are being installed around the world—use elegantly simple sand filtration to purify water. No moving parts means the filters will provide safe water for years to come, and safe water means exceptional benefits to public health, especially for those who are most vulnerable. The filters also eliminate the need to burn wood to boil water, which cuts greenhouse gas pollution.

Help us give the gift of clean water and clean air this holiday season. Purchase carbon offsets from the Kenya Clean Water Project:

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