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Global Explorers: Setting a sustainable example

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Nov 18, 2010
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We’ve all heard the phrase “lead by example.” Your parents, teachers or coaches probably requested this of you countless times. Well, guess what? They were on to something. Actions do speak louder than words.

Take Global Explorers, for instance. They are a nonprofit student travel organization driven by a passion for sharing educational and life-changing travel experiences. Their programs are comprehensive, responsible, and designed to genuinely enhance the lives of their participants in meaningful ways. As Global Explorers and their students travel the world, they make valuable contributions to the ecological, cultural and economic sustainability of local communities via grants, service projects and cross-cultural exchanges.

Global Explorers service projects have included painting schools, building community gardens, planting trees, and building community awareness of environmental issues. On one trip to Arizona, students completed restoration on the historic Pasture Wash ranger station, located about 26 miles west of Grand Canyon Village. Because of their work, the station’s cistern is almost ready to be put back into use (which is important because there is no running water or electricity out there)!  Ultimately, the ranger station will be used as an educational facility for future camps and Grand Canyon Institute classes.

But the Global Explorers commitment to service and sustainability extends beyond educational trips. When they are back in the office, the Global Explorers staff surround themselves with cork floors, low VOC paint, recyclable carpet squares, Forest Stewardship Council-certified desks and energy efficient lighting. Global Explorers employees volunteer with local nonprofit organizations, both individually and as a group, in order to give back to their home community of Fort Collins. In addition, Global Explorers has been working with NativeEnergy to offset the emissions associated with their travel since 2005. 

The Global Explorers team hopes that their sustainable and responsible example will be emulated by their student travelers. For everyone’s sake, we hope these student travelers will then become an example that others follow. 

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