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Greensburg on OPRAH!

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Mar 10, 2010
Tags: greensburg wind farm, wind energy, carbon projects

Check out what Oprah Winfrey’s website has to say about our favorite little town in Kansas!

Reporter Erin White wrote "Small Towns Going Green," which highlights the "green revolution" taking place in rural Midwestern America, including the rebuilding of Greensburg, Kansas, where NativeEnergy and its customers are helping to build a new wind farm. The story also showcases the efforts of two other towns. Rock Port, Missouri (pop. 1,400), built a wind farm that provides 100% of the town's electricity needs. Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin (pop. 600), made the decision to come back using solar power in the 1970s after a severe flood prompted city leaders to move the whole community to higher ground.

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