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Help Build™ projects performing at 110%

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Feb 22, 2011
Tags: carbon projects

The latest numbers are in. Our project portfolio is currently performing at 110%, exceeding our initial project output forecasts! This means that you are receiving more carbon reductions than you purchased. Although this output is not guaranteed to remain the same over the projects’ lifetimes, we are encouraged by these results.

As you can see, some projects are significantly overperforming and some have experienced challenges. Before selling carbon offsets from a Help Build™ project, we always set aside extra tons to protect against a production shortfall. This buffer pool ensures that every customer should receive at least as many carbon reductions as they purchased. Currently, you are receiving all of your carbon reductions—and then some!

These numbers have been calculated through careful examination of project output. For more details, view our supply production chart (PDF).

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