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Help build our 50th project!

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Jun 08, 2011
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The Wewoka Biogas Project, located in Wewoka, Oklahoma, is one of the most ambitious Help Build™ projects that NativeEnergy has ever undertaken. Over eight years, this project will reduce an estimated 300,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Its community benefits aren’t small either: the project will use gas emitted by a landfill to power a family-owned brick factory—the Commercial Brick Corporation.

As one of Wewoka’s largest employers, the Commercial Brick Corporation is a crucial source of jobs for the local community. Now, the company will be able to use gas from the landfill next door to fire its kilns, replacing expensive natural gas. Bob Hartsock, owner of the company, said the discounted gas from the landfill will help the company remain competitive in a challenging market.

Typically, gas caused by waste decomposition escapes into the atmosphere and contributes to climate change. But in Wewoka, wells installed in the landfill will capture the gas and deliver it through a half-mile pipeline to the factory’s kilns, where it will be used as renewable energy.

More complex than a typical landfill gas initiative, this project involves an uncommon mix of participants. The landfill, the developer, the factory, NativeEnergy, and our customers are all working together to make it happen. eBay, Esurance, Designtex, Ceres, Brighter Planet, and College of the Atlantic have already made significant purchases of carbon offsets from the project.

Jeff Bernicke, President of NativeEnergy, noted: “This project shows that well-planned environmental initiatives can deliver local economic and social benefits too. We’re pleased to play a central role in this project and are thankful for the substantial participation of key customers.”

The project developer, Enerdyne Power Systems, turned to NativeEnergy to help provide financing for installation of the well field. Through the sale of Help Build™ carbon offsets that will result from the project, we are able to provide critical upfront funding for construction.

You can help build the Wewoka Biogas Project by purchasing Help Build™ carbon offsets through our website. These offsets will be independently verified to the Voluntary Carbon Standard over approximately the first eight years of the project’s operations.

Questions about supporting the Wewoka project? Email or call 800-924-6826.

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