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Make your business or organization 100% renewably-powered
with NativeEnergy Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

.RECs enable you to power your office with green energy—like buying clean electricity from your utility, but better, as you can choose which projects to support. All NativeEnergy RECs are third-party certified
by Green-e Energy.

We have helped hundreds of businesses green their electricity with RECs from renewable projects across the country. To learn more about purchasing NativeEnergy RECs, contact us at 800-924-6826

Sustainability Requirements

We can help you meet sustainability requirements, including:

How RECs Work

When electricity is generated from a renewable energy source, it is separated into two components: 

1.    The electricity produced
2.    The environmental benefits of that electricity generation

The environmental benefits include the greenhouse gases avoided by generating electricity from
renewable sources rather than conventional fuels. These environmental attributes are calculated
and sold separately as RECs.

RECs are measured in megawatt hours of electricity. One REC is created by each megawatt hour
added to the North American grid from renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and biogas.

Purchasing RECs supports projects that reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with
the production of grid power. It is the most common and cost effective way for you to be 100%
renewably powered.

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Who We Work With

Through our strong market relationships and expertise, we have helped leading companies achieve
their green energy goals

Green-e Energy certifies that NativeEnergy's RECs meet the environmental and consumer protection standards established by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions. For more information on Green-e Energy certification requirements, log on to