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Touchdown! Tips for going green on game day

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Oct 29, 2009
Tags: green tips

It’s the season again for cheering as loud as possible, wearing questionable jerseys, living off of chips, hotdogs, and beer, and setting yourself up for disappointment and the occasional joy when your favorite team gets the long sought-after win. The NFL season is in full swing now, and while you may enjoy those days just hanging out with your buddies, relaxing on Sunday with the TV on (or, if you are lucky, watching the game live), start thinking about your carbon footprint.

Just like any other large event, a football game creates a lot of CO2 emissions and a huge amount of waste: from disposable cups, plates, and cutlery, to pizza boxes, and all those beer cans. Be the first tailgater in your parking lot to go green with organic foods and beverages, compostable and/or biodegradable disposables, and encourage a team huddle discussing the benefits of going green. Some easy steps to get you on the right track toward a greener tailgate are: carpool to the event (uses less gas = less carbon emissions and saves you money on parking), recycle your cans and bottles, use plastic containers instead of plastic bags, take advantage of local seasonal snacks, and choose a local or organic brew.

Start a trend. If people are aware and conscious of their habits, it quickly becomes contagious and part of your regular Sunday routine!

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