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6 green travel tips from Sierra Club Outings and NativeEnergy

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Jun 04, 2012
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Vacations are a time to try new adventures, hang out with loved ones, or even find a quiet place to relax. But travel can also leave a footprint on the environment.

For several years, Sierra Club Outings and NativeEnergy have teamed up to provide eco-conscious travel options. Sierra Club offers hundreds of conservation-based vacations, from service trips to international expeditions. With NativeEnergy, adventurers can calculate the carbon emissions from their travel and purchase carbon offsets that counteract them.

Every action helps. Whether you hit the beach or the International Date Line, follow these simple tips to green your travel:

1. Plan low-impact activities

Exploring and enjoying the planet without leaving a large carbon footprint is easy. Focus on activities such as hiking, kayaking, nature walks, swimming, or snowshoeing that get you moving outdoors. 

2. Choose group transportation

If you’re driving, plan a carpool. Some national parks even offer shuttle or train access. When visiting an urban area, opt for public transportation. The Earth will thank you, and so will your wallet.

3. Pack it in, pack it out

Everything you bring into the outdoors should leave with you. Plan meals carefully and repackage ingredients into reusable containers to minimize garbage. If you see litter on the trail, pick it up! 

4. Volunteer

Give back to the wild places you love on a service trip. You’ll work on a variety of rewarding tasks, like repairing trails and removing invasive plants, with plenty of time to relax.

5. Stay local

Many of the best trips are right in your backyard! Unsure where to start? Check your local Sierra Club Outings chapter for a list of awesome and mostly-free adventures near you. 

6. Offset your emissions

Help finance the construction of wind, solar, and other carbon-reducing projects to offset your travel emissions with NativeEnergy. Calculate your travel footprint now.

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