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Ghana Clean Water Project

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Simple, effective water filters reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deliver clean water to thousands of households.

Project Details

Carbon Project Type: Greenhouse Gas-Reducing Water Purification
Location: Greater Accra region of Ghana, Africa
Year: 2013
Volume: 70,000 metric tons
Standard: The Gold Standard

Due to rapid urbanization, more than 50% of the 2.1 million residents in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana lack a reliable household water source, often relying on unsafe water from vendors. A lack of safe drinking water and sanitation results in frequent and sometimes deadly diseases such as diarrhea and outbreaks of malaria and cholera. Such illnesses significantly undermine quality of life, economic prosperity and human progress. 

To counteract these issues, NativeEnergy is using The Gold Standard's established carbon reduction protocol to assess, implement, monitor and verify a 10 year long project that will deliver clean water while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 

With large-scale water and sanitation infrastructure too far on the horizon, the solution is a simple, safe and effective household water filter that is guaranteed for 10 years. It uses centuries-old slow sand technology to remove up to 99% of waterborne pathogens with just gravity.

The installation of the water filters avoids potential greenhouse gas emissions by preventing the burning of wood and charcoal, which is often used for boiling water to sanitize it. At the same time, households that may not be aware of the need to sanitize their water or may not have the funds to purchase wood or charcoal for boiling are included in the project. Allowing those most in need to participate is an important principle of social justice and an established greenhouse gas emissions accounting practice (called "suppressed demand").

By purchasing Help Build™ carbon offsets, you will provide essential upfront funding for the installation of these Hydraid® water filters--reducing greenhouse gas pollution and bringing clean water and a healthier more productive future to families across the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

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