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Project Performance

Production Summary: Help Build™ Carbon Projects

This chart compares the estimated generation of carbon reductions (i.e. carbon offsets) from each of our Help Build™ carbon projects to their actual production through December 2016.

Project Performance Chart


Supply Production Summary


We are proud to report that the long-term performance of our Help Build™ carbon project portfolio as of the end of 2013 continues to be above projected GHG remissions reductions. That means our projects have, to date, offset more CO2 emissions than the amount our customers contracted for.


Several projects, like the Greensburg Wind Farm, continue to perform better than expected. Several others project that experienced operational issues early in their lives are now running at expected levels. The performance of new projects that came on line in late 2013 or 2014 will be reported later this year.


How We Calculate

We calculate each project’s production according to the methods established by internationally recognized carbon standards, including the Verified Carbon Standard and Climate Action Reserve. 

There are distinct approaches for each project type. Within project types, such as agricultural methane, the calculations are highly specific and nuanced to reflect variances in the way the material is managed and handled. The difference between the rigor required of a certified forestry project and a simple tree-planting program, for example, is like the difference between the sun and the moon.

All NativeEnergy carbon projects that you can help build receive third party validation as meeting the requirements of the carbon standard. All carbon offsets are verified by an expert independent third party following their generation over time.

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