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Wind Energy

Wind turbines use the kinetic energy of the wind to create renewable energy.

Wind power is truly clean power. You could think of it as a form of solar power—wind simply moves excess heat around, either away from the surface of the Earth, where sunlight causes a buildup of energy, or from warm regions (usually the tropics) to cooler regions (usually the higher latitudes). Wind power displaces fossil fuel-based power, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

NativeEnergy’s first Help Build™ carbon project was the Alex Little Soldier Wind Turbine in South Dakota. It was the first tribally owned large-scale wind turbine in the U.S. Since then, our customers have helped build numerous wind projects with strong social benefits.

NativeEnergy Wind Projects

Shenandoah School Wind Project

This seventh Indiana community clean energy project reduces greenhouse gas pollution and provides educational opportunity for students.

Indiana School Wind Project: Phase II

Wind turbines power buildings and provide hands-on education at Indiana schools.

Iowa Farms Wind Project

This project bolsters local farmers and the regional economy with two new wind turbines.

Indiana Community Wind Project

This project, the first of its kind in Indiana, uses wind power to benefit a school and a city.

Greensburg Wind Farm

After being leveled by a tornado, a Kansas town rebuilds as “the greenest town in America” with a combination
of energy efficiency measures and the installation of
a 12.5 MW wind farm.

Wray School District Wind Turbine

With funding from NativeEnergy, the Wray School District built a wind turbine that produces renewable energy
and needed income.

Farmer-Owned Distributed Wind

NativeEnergy helped farmers in Minnesota and
South Dakota install revenue-generating wind turbines.

Kasigluk Alaska Native Village Wind

NativeEnergy helped a remote Alaska village
develop three wind turbines that replace polluting
diesel generators.

Toksook Bay Alaskan Native Wind

NativeEnergy helped fund three 100 kW wind turbines
in the remote village of Toksook Bay, Alaska.

Mandan, Hidatsa, & Arikara Nation Wind

With the help of NativeEnergy, the Mandan, Hidatsa,
and Arikara Nation built a 60 kW turbine.

Alex Little Soldier Wind Turbine Project

With the help of NativeEnergy, the Rosebud Sioux Reservation installed one of the nation’s first tribally owned wind turbines.

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