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Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Nov 20, 2009
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The third guest in our series of interviews is Brighter Planet CEO Patti Prairie.

Before embracing sustainability, Patti held senior executive positions at IBM, American Express, and Bank Boston, where she successfully started and transformed dozens of ventures over the past three decades. She’s now helping Brighter Planet to “pioneer a new environmentalism--one that is accessible to everyone, fits one’s lifestyle, and is fun to share.”

Brighter Planet’s mission is to help people manage and mitigate their environmental footprint. Since 2006, they’ve partnered with NativeEnergy to source high quality offsets from community-based projects. “We help people measure their carbon footprint and find ways to reduce it,” Patti explained. “Offsets are an essential tool for those who want to counteract unavoidable emissions.”

Brighter Planet customers can purchase offsets directly or earn them through a credit and debit card rewards program. “Our community fights climate change by reducing the impact of our individual lifestyles and supporting clean energy projects that help build a cleaner, brighter future,” said Patti. “We’re investing in the Greensburg Wind Farm with NativeEnergy because it satisfies our stringent carbon offset policy and is a testament to the strength and vision of American communities. It’s a great example of the future we’re working towards.” Brighter Planet also works with NativeEnergy to support the Hillcrest-Saylor Family Dairy Farm Methane Project, the Wray School District Wind Turbine, the Wanner Family Dairy Farm Methane Project, and several farmer-owned distributed wind turbines.

When asked what Brighter Planet’s commitment to sustainability means to her personally, Patti illustrated her perspective: “It’s not just abstract meteorological concepts. Changes in temperature, sea level, rain, and wind, while global in nature, cascade into our daily lives.” She added that “the top concerns of many Americans – the economy, jobs, energy, terrorism, and helping the poor – are all wrapped up in the best solutions for combating climate change.”

Brighter Planet’s community has collectively measured 25,333 individual footprints, completed 1,694 conservation tips, and offset 154,310,995 pounds of carbon dioxide. That’s like shutting down eight coal-fired power plants for a day or driving around the equator over 6000 times! As Patti reflected, “With the power of technology and community, what might seem like small personal actions to produce less CO2 can actually make a huge difference when done by thousands of people. All it takes is getting started!”

To join Brighter Planet in helping to build the Greensburg Wind Farm, please visit:

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