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Exciting news from our Help Build™ projects

Across America, wind turbines are spinning, landfill gas is combusting, and manure digesters are, well, turning manure into energy. We are grateful that you have helped build nearly 50 projects that are now reducing CO2 pollution and supplying the nation’s electric grid!

So what’s going on with these NativeEnergy projects? Here’s a roundup of recent news.

Wewoka Biogas Project

As announced, Wewoka is our 50th Help Build™ project, and it’s off to a strong start! Construction is underway—the well field and pipeline from the landfill to the brick factory have been installed. In the next two weeks, a stainless steel line into the kilns will also be laid. We expect project completion in the third quarter of 2011.

Many NativeEnergy customers, including eBay, Esurance, Designtex, Ceres, Brighter Planet, and College of the Atlantic, have made significant purchases of Wewoka carbon offsets, but we still need your help. You can help build the project by offsetting your carbon footprint now.

Laurelbrook Farm Compost Project

Laurelbrook’s new separation and composting equipment is running well. In fact, without any advertising, the Jacquiers have sold out of finished compost! In addition, they are now accepting 1,000 pounds of daily food waste from local schools to be converted to compost. This is modern alchemy.

The farm has also been an educational hub. In May, Laurelbrook Project Supporter Esurance sponsored a field trip to the farm. Agriculture and science students from Housatonic Valley Regional High School learned about avoiding greenhouse gas emissions and runoff on farms. You can read about the trip on our blog.

Greensburg Wind Farm

The latest numbers are in—the Greensburg Wind Farm is still performing far above expectations at 114.5%! This data was calculated shortly after Greensburg was named “Wind Project of the Year” by Renewable Energy World in March 2011.

In addition, the City of Greensburg continues to lead the way in green rebuilding efforts, serving as an inspiration and resource for other communities hit by recent disasters. Recently, representatives from Joplin, Miss., Smithville, Miss., Cordova, Ala., and Tuscaloosa, Ala., traveled to Greensburg in the wake of devastating tornadoes in their own towns. You can stay informed about Greensburg collaborations and events by joining the Greensburg GreenTown mailing list.

PA Farm Cluster Project

Project construction on the Pennsylvania project has begun. The digester vessels have been installed at all three farms (JEM Farm, Slate Ridge Farm, and Duffield Dairy), and work is underway on the balance of the systems. We expect the equipment to be operational this summer.

Wray School District Wind Turbine

The Wray project has suffered some setbacks. There were manufacturing defects in the wind turbine generator, which was replaced at the beginning of the year. Since then, it has run smoothly.

Now that the turbine is operating again, our agreement with Wray is set up so that we and our customers can get offsets until the total amount under contract is generated. As a result, we expect that the turbine will produce the forecast carbon reductions, although it will likely take slightly longer for those results to be realized.

No matter what, you can rest assured that all of our carbon offsets are being realized. We calculated our Help Build™ portfolio performance at the beginning of the year and, in total, our projects are performing at 110% of our initial forecast.

If you have any questions about NativeEnergy projects, give us a call at 800-924-6826 or email

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