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Iowa Farms Wind Project

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Help build two new wind turbines in a northern Iowa
farming community.

Carbon Project Type: Wind Energy
Location: Northern Iowa, U.S.A.
Year: 2011
Volume: 92,000 metric tons
Standard: Verified Carbon Standard
Capacity: 3.2 MW

Ruth and Ken Benjegerdes have a vision: among their fields of corn and soybeans, they want to see a wind turbine.

Like many residents of northern Iowa, they have observed the region’s transformation as wind farms appear on the landscape. These communities, once powered mostly by coal, are benefiting from increased tax revenue, job creation, and rural economic development. Young people who usually leave the towns have begun to stay. And for many farmers, wind generation is providing a critical source of income.

As Ruth noted, “We have a lot of wind turbines in the area—it’s cool to watch them get going.”

Now, through the Iowa Farms Wind Project, the Benjegerdes will be able to realize the benefits of wind on their own farm. 

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