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Living Green: Back to School – A student gives some tips

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Sep 04, 2009
Tags: green tips

By now, you have probably seen many articles on how to be mindful of the environment when sending your kids or yourself back to school. With so many tips and tricks overflowing on the internet, here are a few practical tips that one of NativeEnergy’s very own summer 2009 interns, Ashley Grove, is using to prepare for her return for her final year at Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management.

When I asked Ashley about her efforts in preparing to go back to school green, she broke it down into three basic categories: transportation, food, and school supplies. As for transportation, Ashley says, “I live off-campus in downtown Ithaca and have made a conscious decision to walk or bike to school this year. I’m hoping the 400 ft. of elevation gain over less than 1 mile will keep my calves in shape, too!” Living in upstate New York where the winters can get bitter cold, this is no easy feat. However, it is reassuring that college students like Ashley take advantage of living in close proximity to their daily activities, and do not have to rely on vehicles for transportation.

As for food, Ashley chooses to support the local farms as much as she can. “I stock up on local food at the farmers’ market – it not only supports small farms in the area but also reduces the distance my food travels (and its carbon footprint) before I eat it.” To find the nearest farmer’s market near you, check out:

Finally, when it comes to school supplies, Ashley puts her old school supplies to use. “I’m reusing my binders from last year, putting labels over old course names works well and helps me stay within my student budget.”

Going to school and getting back into the swing of things can be a real challenge sometimes. We hope Ashley’s suggestions will be helpful to you as you keep the environment in mind, along with that test in math, the reading assignment that needs to be done, making sure you did your homework for geography…

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