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Musings from a reluctant NASCAR fan: Opening a door at Daytona

Posted by George Houget on Feb 12, 2010
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The Daytona Speedway in Florida is large – and loud – and energy intensive. Well, maybe that’s an understatement. For the three novices from NativeEnergy – George Hoguet, Adam Scherr, and Joel Boucher – we didn’t know what to expect, nor where to look next. The visuals were overwhelming, and for a moment we wondered, again, “Why did we come to Daytona?”   

And then the families showed up, lined up in droves actually to meet and be welcomed by an exciting, gracious, and truly uncommon racing hero: Leilani Münter. As Leilani smiled and paid particular attention to her youngest fans, I suddenly heard in my mind Crosby, Stills and Nash singing - “Teach Your Children Well."  Indeed, with her courage and earned respect, this Eco-Ambassador to NASCAR was opening a door for a new generation to enter into a hope for a cleaner, greener world. The parents were also crossing that threshold of earth consciousness. Then they took away their treasured autograph, carrying not only the photo of their favorite, but the message of how they could make a difference. At that point, we remembered exactly why we were there supporting Leilani, as a member of her Green Team.

The Green Team was energized prior to the race due to legendary rocker Bob Weir, founding member of the Grateful Dead, and Leilani Münter’s brother-in-law. Weir christened car #59 with autographed “Dead” stickers for good luck. And, right on the spot, Weir corralled groSolar, a Green Team member, saying, “Call me next week because I need to replace the solar panels on my home.” We were off to the races as a team.

Unfortunately, seven laps into the race Leilani was involved in a crash. Welcome to Daytona. Leilani did everything right, but got pushed from the rear into the accident ahead at 160 miles per hour. Fear rose, but she was not hurt. Crash or no crash, she is still making history as “the vegetarian hippy chick with a race car.” Please take a look at some of the great moments captured last Saturday!

Check out these photos from the race!

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