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Southern Ute Indian Tribe: Natural Methane Capture and Use

Carbon Project Type: Methane Capture and Use
Location: La Plata County, Colorado
Year: 2009-2014
Volume: 23,000-60,000 metric tons per year
Standard: Verified Carbon Standard

NativeEnergy’s work with Native American tribes goes back to our company’s founding. As our first Help Build™ carbon project, we helped the Rosebud Sioux develop the first tribally owned large-scale wind turbine. We have also helped build several other tribally owned projects, including the Salish and Kootenai Hydro Project and the Alaska Village Kasigluk and Toksook Bay Native Wind Projects.

This Southern Ute project is located on tribal lands within the San Juan Basin in southwestern Colorado. This basin is rich in fossil fuel resources and has been a source of coal, uranium, and natural gas for many decades. In certain areas of the San Juan Basin, coal seams emerge from the surface of the ground. Methane once adsorbed to the coal seeps into the atmosphere at these outcroppings. This release of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, has been observed since the 1800s. Capturing this “fugitive” methane and putting it to good use is an effective way to address climate change.

The methane captured in this project has the same environmental impact as gas that is captured in landfill and dairy-manure offset projects.

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