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The new Northeast Farm Separation Project

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on May 10, 2011
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What do three farms in New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland have in common?

Cows. Lots of cows.

When our creative director, Joel Boucher, visited the participating farms for the Northeast Farm Separation Project, he met a lot of bovine buddies—including a calf that was being born as he arrived! He also talked to the farmers about their histories and motivations for participating in the project.

The Northeast Farm Separation Project will install manure separation technology on three farms: Mercer Vu Farm in Mercersburg, PA; Country Ayre Farm in Dewittville, NY; and Twin Oaks Farm in Emittsburg, MD. This equipment will reduce approximately 5,700 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year and help the farms manage phosphorus removed from the manure—protecting local watersheds like the Chesapeake Bay.

The farms will receive high quality cow bedding produced by the equipment, which replaces the need to buy expensive and difficult-to-find materials like sawdust. The technology will also reduce the farmers’ manure management costs.

NativeEnergy has been a pioneer in bringing farm-based carbon projects to market,” said Jeff Bernicke, President of NativeEnergy. “By working with these three family farms, we are able to be more efficient in pulling this project together, while supporting local agriculture.”

This project requires upfront funding from the sale of NativeEnergy’s Help Build carbon offsets to go forward. Business customers are invited to help us build this project! For more information, contact Kevin Hackett at 800-924-6826x209 or

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