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The Rainier Farm Biogas Project is fully supported!

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Mar 24, 2011
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The Rainier Farm Biogas Project, one of our newest Help Build™ projects, was fully subscribed before we even had time to put it on our website! Due to its strong environmental and social benefits, eBay, Stonyfield Farm, Brita, and Effect Partners have committed to become Rainier Project Supporters.

The agricultural community near Enumclaw, Washington, had been organizing to build a methane digester for nearly a decade. They faced numerous economic challenges, leading some to believe that the project—and its many benefits—might never materialize. But now, with the assistance of a local developer and the promise of funding from NativeEnergy, hope has been renewed.

Conventionally, manure storage on dairy farms results in the release of methane—a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than CO2—into the atmosphere. Instead, the Rainier Farm Biogas Project will process manure from three local farms in a methane digester, reducing approximately 4,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. None of the farms alone is large enough to support a digester, but through collaboration, the three farms can jointly support the project.

Kevin Maas of Rainier Biogas LLC, the project developer, noted: “Everyone in the community will benefit from this project. It will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect the area’s sensitive rivers and streams, and provide low-cost bedding for local farmers.”

The developer turned to NativeEnergy to help provide financing. Through our Help Build™ carbon offsets, eBay, Stonyfield Farm, Brita, and Effect Partners provided critical upfront funding for construction. In return, they received a share of the verified methane emissions reductions that the project will produce over a 10-year period.

Jeff Bernicke, president of NativeEnergy, said: “This project shows that, through a cooperative effort, our Help Build™ carbon offsets bring new carbon reduction projects on line.”

For more information, visit the Rainier project page.

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