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The winner of the ANTARCTICA 2041 Teachers' Contest

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Nov 05, 2009
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Zach Rome, a 7th and 8th grade science teacher from Lyons Community School, in Brooklyn, is the winner of the ANTARCTICA 2041 Teachers' Contest.

NativeEnergy will offset his trip to Antarctica.

Zach will join polar explorer Robert Swan on his 2041 International Antarctic Treaty Expedition (IATE), taking place November 16 - 30, 2009. As part of the Grand Prize Antarctica Teacher’s Package, NativeEnergy will provide carbon offsets to cover the 2041 trip-related emissions created by the Grand Prize winner. These emissions will include travel by ground, air, and sea, accommodations, and waste, up to a maximum of 25 short tons of carbon offsets.

The contest was sponsored by Broadway Books, which has published Swan’s new book Antarctica 2041 My Quest to Save the Earth’s Last Wilderness.

In his winning essay, Mr. Rome wrote, “Mr. Swan queries, how do leaders go the distance? How do they sustain leadership over the course of an arduous expedition? He is right; many people will step forward and offer to lead, but it is the sustainability of leadership that we find overwhelmingly deficient. This, I feel, all boils down to love. What makes a lasting leader is an intrinsic sense of motivation, a motivation not fueled by money, power, or even respect, but through an innate desire to succeed. It then becomes our goal, to spark this intrinsic motivation within our youth; for if our youth doesn’t love their world, taking care of it will always be an uphill battle.”

Rome plans to bring the message back home to his classroom. He says that he wants to help “students uncover the importance and urgency of being conscious citizens.”

Be sure to visit on November 16, to follow the live blog from the ship.

To read the winning and runner-up essays, visit the contest website.

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