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Wewoka construction advances

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Sep 08, 2011
Tags: wewoka biogas project, landfill gas, carbon projects

Despite oppressive heat and a lingering summer, the Wewoka Biogas Project in Oklahoma is well under way. Installation of the gas processing equipment and flare is almost complete. Last week, the project was connected to the power supply to test all of the equipment. In addition, modifications to retrofit the kilns at the Commercial Brick Corporation have begun. Soon the company will be making bricks with renewable landfill gas!

This fall, NativeEnergy staff and business clients will journey west to the project site. There will be a dedication ceremony on October 21, 11am, at the Commercial Brick Corporation office in Wewoka, OK. While there, we will tour the facilities, meet with the developers, and visit with members of the community.

Although the Wewoka construction is going well, we still need your help. Carbon offset revenue is critical for the completion of this project, so please offset your carbon footprint today.

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