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Wrapping it up

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Dec 01, 2009
Tags: green tips

Are you mailing special packages to your loved ones this holiday season? Remember to be mindful of your impact on the environment by using packing materials that are either reused or recycled. A helpful article about tips to mail packages while reducing waste and saving money was featured in this month’s Better Homes and Gardens magazine:

1. Smaller is better

Pack in the smallest (re-used) box possible with a few inches of reusable packing material on all sides.

2. Save money and carbon with packing materials

Reuse bubble wrap, shopping bags, or shred up this past year’s calendar pages.  

3. Ship green

Make sure you ship with a delivery company that is striving to be green through the use of alternative-fuel trucks, eco-friendly packaging, and printable postage. To compare the costs of carriers before you leave home, you can refer to an online estimator such as

4. Think ahead

Remember to save the packing material you receive. If you don’t have room to store packing peanuts, check out for local stores where you can take them to be reused.

Source: Selzer, Kit. “Living Green: Special Delivery.” Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. December 2009, page 98.

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