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10,000 Lives Changed with Clean Water—On the way to 20,000 by the end of 2014

Posted by Tom Rawls on Nov 19, 2013
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Our Clean Water Campaign is changing lives across Kenya, Ghana, Honduras and other communities. To date, our in-country partners have installed simple Hydraid® biosand water filters in more than 2,300 homes.

Access to clean water is a fundamental need, yet millions of people die each year from illnesses caused by drinking contaminated water.

Because greenhouse gas emissions are avoided through the elimination of burning firewood to treat unsafe water, carbon offsets credits are generated with the installation and use of a water filter. This carbon funding mechanism, certified by the Gold Standard, enables businesses and individuals to offset their carbon footprints while changing the lives of thousands of vulnerable people.

Sally Akinyi, her husband and their three children live in rural Kenya. As a nurse, she understands the importance of safe water for her children. Before the installation of the family’s Hydriad® filter, she boiled her water with expensive firewood.

With the filter, she says, “The water from the filter is clean and tastes good, I am now sure that my children are drinking safe water and we are all happy.”  Money she used to spend on firewood now pays for school fees for her children.

In all, more than 10,000 people have benefited from our Clean Water Campaign thus far. We are on our way to the 20,000 Lives Changed milestone.

As we expected when we set out on this campaign, the result of the initiative is rapidly changing lives—improving health, increasing productivity, reducing water and health treatment costs thereby increasing access to education and prosperity.

You can help us change lives, and tackle climate change, by offsetting your carbon footprint. Businesses click here and individuals click here.

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