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5 Last Minute Green Holiday Gifts

Posted by Tiffany Shaw on Dec 20, 2013
Tags: green, green tips

  1. Give from the heart and your food shed. Visit your local farmers market or co-op to gather locally grown ingredients for easy recipes. Here in the Northeast, your gift basket could be stuffed with local squash, apples, garlic and toasted pumpkin seeds, along with a recipe for butternut squash soup (roast all, puree with a bit of water, enjoy). Eating local reduces the miles food travels between the farm and the table, lowering greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

  2. Show you care with an experiential gift: give tickets to a local theatre performance. Nearly everyone can appreciate the magic of a dance, music or dramatic production. Take your loved ones far, far away without the carbon footprint—and support your local arts scene at the same time.

  3. Wash away a loved one’s stress with a spa treatment. With no packaging or manufacturing footprint, a massage is a perfect green gift for those on your nice list. Many spas use pure essential oils and herbal wraps to brighten the senses and bring us closer to nature.

  4. If you want to give something tangible with a long life, go for an upcycled item from a local crafter. Talented artisans have a knack for turning trash into treasure. Call your local artist guild to investigate options in your corner of the world. Your gift is sure to be unique and will help support the movement of giving found items a second life.

  5. In our humble opinion, of course, one of the best gifts of all is mitigating the consequences of unavoidable emissions. To keep our homes humming all year, on average we are responsible for about 12 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Offset your sister’s or best friend’s household footprint for a year while bringing new community scale carbon offset projects to life. Make your purchase online with a click!

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