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Continuing on the path to environmental sustainability

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Sep 30, 2010
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Last Wednesday, September 22, we were fortunate to have Kim Coupounas, Co-Founder and Chief Sustainability Officer from GoLite, and Jake Whitcomb, New Programs and Communications Balladeer from 1% for the Planet, speak to this subject. As a part of our business webinar series, we posed the topic: 10 Years of Voluntary Carbon Reductions: Why are we doing it? What have we done? And what do we plan to do in the future? Kim and Jake both spoke forcefully on the topic.

View the webinar here:

Following the presentation, the speakers answered questions, but we ran out of time before we could get to one excellent query. Afterward, we asked Kim Capounas of GoLite to respond. Here’s what she wrote: 

Q: What kind of performance incentives actually work to motivate employees, especially those employees on the manufacturing side?

A: For us, the best sustainability performance incentives have always involved something closely tied to our values. While some of our performance incentives are cash, we have other incentives that include getting more “free” GoLite gear and apparel and more paid time off to spend time outdoors or volunteer. Employees can get an extra paid week of vacation, for example, if they use it field-testing our products outdoors OR volunteering for an environmental non-profit. All of our employees are regular outdoor enthusiasts, so offering incentives that encourage them to spend more time outdoors are what tend to work for us. We also offer things like a cash incentive for a “free lunch” for those who choose alternative transportation to/from work (biking, walking, running, bus). For every ten times they alt commute to/from work, GoLite gives them $10 cash towards lunch. It’s a great deal and it’s very motivating for employees.

My advice for you is to find the incentives that mean most to YOUR employees. One way to do that is to have them complete a survey so you can figure out what THEY care most about (is it money, time off, stuff, etc.).

Special thanks to Kim and Jake for their participation and efforts in helping us pull together this webinar.

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