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Custom Carbon Projects

NativeEnergy is currently developing specific carbon projects for several of its clients. A custom-built project may:

  • Be a specific project type
  • Be developed in a designated geographic location
  • Reduce emissions in a company’s supply chain
  • Achieve specific additional community or environmental benefits

Every project that we develop is designed to meet one of the leading carbon standards. We also have the capability to help organizations develop the specifications (formally known as “methodology”) for a new project type to qualify as an activity that genuinely reduces greenhouse gas pollution and goes beyond business as usual.


Companies looking to help build a custom project generally must be looking to purchase a minimum of 20,000 tons of carbon emissions, potentially over several years. They should be prepared to make an appropriate multi-year commitment to their project, to be truly responsible for its success.

Learn More

If your business or organization would like to inquire about having NativeEnergy build a project for you, we would be pleased to explore that possibility with you. Contact your NativeEnergy sales representative or Kevin Hackett, Client Strategy Director, at or 802-861-7707 x209.