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Ethiopia Clean Water Project

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NativeEnergy and TripleQuest traveled to Ethiopia in 2012 and 2014 to evaluate the regions’ specific water needs and introduce the Hydraid® BioSand water filter. 

Project Details

Carbon Project Type: Greenhouse Gas-Reducing Water Purification 
Location: Sidama Zone, Ethiopia
Standard: The Gold Standard

The Sidama Zone is located in south-central Ethiopia. 250,000 people in the region drink form unprotected water sources and 4 out of 5 people live without proper sanitation. Ethiopia’s Sidama Zone is famous for its distinctive, fruity coffee. But behind this aromatic export lies a community of farmers and families that face huge daily challenges—including lack of access to safe water and widespread deforestation of their land.

Around 65 percent of Sidama residents must use unclean water sources. Waterborne illness is a leading cause of death for young children, and untreated water is dangerous to people of all ages. Some boil water to purify it, but this requires the use of expensive and unsustainably harvested wood. It also creates significant indoor air pollution and contributes to climate change by unlocking the carbon stored in the wood.

The families have to make a daily choice: use polluting woodstoves to purify their water or risk serious disease.


The Hydraid® BioSand water filter offers a safe and practical alternative. It uses centuries-old slow sand technology to remove waterborne pathogens with simple gravity. By purchasing Help Build™ carbon offsets, you will provide upfront funding for the installation of these water filters—reducing greenhouse gas pollution and bringing clean air and water to Ethiopian families.

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