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Green careers: Cultivating and nurturing change

Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Dec 22, 2010
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Mary Panks-Holmes, our director of client strategy, recently wrote an essay for the book Green Careers in Energy: Your Guide to Jobs in Renewable Energy, published in 2010 by Peterson’s. Here is an excerpt:

Environmental and social innovation. Preserving our natural resources. Biodiversity and ecological integrity. Nonpartisan camaraderie. Protecting our lakes and oceans. Health and wellness. Clean drinking water. Local farming. Renewable energy. Smarter, cleaner technology. A stronger sense of community. This is all part of what comes to mind when I think about sustainability.

In my last semester of college, I entered into the corporate world and became a national sales and marketing leader for a Fortune 500 company. It soon became clear to me that business as usual was not going to produce a sustainable economy, and if I was going to be a strategic growth professional, environmental and social responsibility needed to be the foundation on which a successful business was built.

My journey started with the pleasurable experience of spending a few days with Former Vice President Al Gore and his phenomenal team at The Climate Project (TCP). The mission of TCP is to educate the public about the harmful effects of climate change and to work toward solutions at a grassroots level worldwide ( From there, I worked to establish strong affiliations with several international sustainability experts and pioneers in the industry who were able to provide me with unique insight and advantage. I  went on to cut my teeth as an independent consultant, and eventually found what I call home, NativeEnergy.

I met NativeEnergy through TCP, and for more than two years I admired them from afar. The opportunity presented itself for me to have a conversation with NativeEnergy about joining the team , and to this day it is the career choice I am most proud of, and grateful for. The firm’s people and mission are making the world a better place, changing the way new renewable and carbon reduction projects are developed. Above all- they are genuine. The real deal. The experience has changed my life.

Social and environmental sustainability presents the most significant opportunity of our generation. It forces us to think differently about what it takes to be resilient over time. It drives us to learn from tomorrow and inspire change.

Join us. Work in our field. Be the next rock star.

Read Mary’s full essay in Peterson's Green Careers in Energy: Your Guide to Jobs in Renewable Energy.

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