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Renewable energy activist visits Ft. Peck Indian Reservation schools

Posted by Jonny Bearcub Stiffarm on Nov 10, 2011
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His Rocket Trike, That Is.

Recently, NativeEnergy’s Jonny BearCub hosted a pair of unique characters in her home:  renewable energy advocates Tom Weiss, president of Climate Crisis Solutions, and his friend Dr. Harvard Ayers.

Tom was in the area to visit Frazer School and Poplar High School, both located on Montana’s Ft. Peck Reservation, during his 10-week “Ride for Renewables—no tar sands pipeline” tour. His means of travel is his trusty steed, a yellow “Rocket Trike” that looks like a rocket and speeds along the highway at 40 MPH if he’s going downhill with the wind behind him. 

On Monday, October 17, students at both schools were drawn like a bear to honey by this yellow machine. Each of the 300 students of grades K-12 at Frazer and 9-12 at Poplar High school were able to get up close and personal with this mostly human-powered ride. It is aerodynamically designed with a narrow bullet-like front end, and it provides a comfortable, if leisurely, ride for its operator. Tom travels about 50-60 miles a day. He even did a 110 mile ride two days after leaving the schools, a record for him. The trike has front-wheel drive and steering and a top cover that protects him from unexpected rain storms. Don’t even wonder about its traction in snow and ice—his trip’s progress to the south has a real sense of urgency.  

The trike is a wonderful example of alternative design that needs no fossil fuel to operate. It has solar headlights powered by a little collector over the rear wheel and a small electric motor that helps on those long Montana hills. Its bullet shape and lightweight fiberglass body also contribute to its efficiency. Wind and solar energy artwork on the body illustrate the purpose of his ride. What an excellent way to encourage these young minds to be the next generation of energy developers!

In his presentations, Tom contrasts these alternative means of getting energy with the oil that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline would carry on a path near the Fort Peck Indian reservation on its way to Texas refineries. Tom is obviously a strong proponent of a renewable energy revolution—he calls it a “Green Energy Moonshot”—that would eventually make the petroleum pipelines and coal trains of the world obsolete and provide millions of green jobs for our country in the process.

We wish him the best on his continuing journey.

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