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Climate Change journal focuses special issue on Indigenous peoples

Posted by: Jonny Bearcub Stiffarm
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This week, the Portland, Oregon based Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC), a technical support and coordinating agency for fishery management policies of the Columbia River Basin's four treaty tribes, is applauding the publication of the journal Climate Change. The October special issue is a collaboration of 50 authors focusing on the experiences and actions of Indigenous peoples as they cope with climate change today. 

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Will Marketing Save the World?

Posted by: Tom Rawls


In an interview in the guardian, a British newspaper, one of the co-founders of Method, an innovative manufacturer of sustainable cleaning products, says that it is marketers who are going to stop climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

Eric Ryan, who co-founded Method a dozen years ago and recently sold the company to the Ecover, a like-mind Dutch company, is quoted as saying you cannot count on governments to solve environmental problems.

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“Your actions affect me”

Posted by: Cailin Sullivan
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When I returned from the library last Sunday night, a debate was raging, per usual, in the living room of my tiny house on the edge of campus. Adam, our hard-headed econ major, had his iPhone out and was furiously fact-checking as he gesticulated at Jared, a sociology major. The topic wasn’t the merit of a Skyfall or the don’t-go-to-law-school argument that occurs weekly as we get closer to graduation—it was global warming. “I just think this is the defining problem of our generation, and we’re messing it up,” sighed Jared. Adam rolled his eyes. “Well, obviously. I’ll agree with you on that point.”

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Generation Climate: Middlebury debates divesting from fossil fuels

Posted by: Cailin Sullivan
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On January 20, environmental journalist and founder Bill McKibben concluded his national college divestment tour in the Old Chapel of Middlebury College, the school where McKibben and many other founders began discussing and organizing around the issue of global climate change. Backdropped by the chapel’s bronze organ pipes and with a howling Vermont wind beating on the windows, McKibben spoke to a crowd of students, faculty, activists, and skeptics.

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The New Normal: get used to the heat

Posted by: Tom Rawls

I am old enough to have survived apocalyptic visions of Soviet atomic strikes in my youth. I’m not sure how huddling under my school desk was going to protect me from the “big one,” but that was the drill. I have survived an age when rivers literally burned and the air disintegrated concrete. So I tend not to react strongly to disaster scenarios.

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