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Posted by The NativeEnergy Team on Jun 11, 2010
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The Projects Behind Carbon Offsets: Connecting your brand to the projects, people, and communities you support.

We hosted our first on June 17, 2010. Speakers were Paul Comey of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Brian Allenby of REVERB, and Dave Hamburg of Vital Choice. They discussed their purchases of offsets from the Greensburg Wind Farm and why they believe it is important to help build new carbon-reduction projects in communities like Greensburg, Kansas. They described the wide-range of activities their organizations engage in to be truly responsible and sustainable actors and the role of offsets in their overall sustainability strategy.


The topic of carbon offsets can be complex. What is the value of an offset? How do you know what you are getting when you buy offsets? What makes one offset better than another? The answer to these and similar questions may lie in the connection your organization is able to build with the projects that are generating your offsets.

Over the last year, NativeEnergy has gathered with Paul Comey from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Brian Allenby from Reverb, and Dave Hamburg from Vital Choice in the small town of Greensburg, Kansas. We were there to witness the groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies of the Greensburg Wind Farm. Greensburg, largely destroyed by a massive tornado several years ago, is rebuilding as the greenest town in America. What does it mean for an organization to Help Build™ a new carbon reduction project in a place like Greensburg?

Join us as we explore the Projects Behind Carbon Offsets: Connecting your brand to the projects, people, and communities you support.

About our guest speakers:

Paul Comey is vice president of environmental affairs for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. His responsibilities include assuring the company's sites are in environmental compliance with all laws, reducing the environmental impact of the company's operations, and contributing to the management of the company's environmental, financial, and social bottom lines.

Paul has a vision of accelerating Green Mountain Coffee's leadership in the environmental arena by using climate change as a competitive advantage. His work to map the company's environmental footprint has resulted in significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. He sees the companys commitment to GHG reduction and mitigation as essential to the company's core belief that business can be a change agent in the world.


Brian Allenby is the General Manager of Reverb. Brian is responsible for the day-to-day management of Reverb's operations, including tours, events, and industry relations. Reverb is a non-profit environmental organization that educates and engages musicians and their fans to promote sustainability. Reverb has coordinated greening programs for the likes of Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Bonnie Raitt, Barenaked Ladies, Sheryl Crow, Guster, and many more.

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